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Rolled Lead Supplies Ltd has implemented an anti-slavery and anti-trafficking policy demonstrating its:

  • commitment to combating slavery and human trafficking and to acting with integrity in all its business
  • relationships and supply chains.

Modern slavery encompasses slavery, forced and compulsory labour, and human trafficking whereby

individuals are deprived of their freedom and are exploited for commercial or personnel gain as defined in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

This Policy applies to all employees and other persons working for and on behalf of Rolled Lead Supplies Ltd.

Rolled Lead Supplies Ltd considers that the current risk of modern slavery associated with its supply chains is low. However, the company takes its corporate responsibilities to combat modern slavery seriously which are reflected by the adoption of the following policy measures: –

• The prevention, detection and reporting of modern slavery in any part of its business or

supply chains is the responsibility for everyone working for Rolled Lead Supplies Ltd.

• Appropriate due diligence must be carried out in relation to modern slavery which may

include considering human rights in a sector or country, the type of sector in which a

customer or supplier operates, the countries from which services are provided, the nature of

relationships with suppliers and the complexity of supply chains.

• All supply chain lines need to be continuously risk assessed and managed in relation to

modern slavery and any high-risk suppliers audited.

• Rolled Lead Supplies Ltd encourages anyone to raise any concerns about modern slavery and the Company will support anyone who acts in good faith when reporting such concerns.

• Rolled Lead Supplies Ltd will continue to develop its commitment to combating modern slavery and human trafficking and will outline such activities within its updates to anti-slavery and antitrafficking statements.

Any breaches of this policy may result in taking disciplinary action against individuals and/or terminating its relationship with an organisation or supplier.