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Flexi Slates – Pitched

£30.00 (Excl. VAT)


Flexi Slates (Quickslates) provide a simple but effective weatherproofing solution where a pipe penetrates a roof covering.

They consist of a rubber cone vulcanized on to a lead slate base, manufactured from code 4 rolled lead sheet. The malleability of the lead base means that unlike similar products that use aluminium or a hard metal base, flexi slates can be easily shaped or dressed to suit almost any roof profile.

They are used where flue pipes and soil stacks penetrate slate, tile, felt and asphalt covered roofs and are also suitable for gas flues, withstanding temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius.

Available to suit flat roofs with vertical outlets and pitched roofs.

Suitable for pipe diameters up to 125mm.

  • Provides a weather tight joint
  • Saves welding
  • Easier to fit than aluminium or zinc
  • No maintenance required

How to use:

  • Cut the rubber to suit your pipe diameter
  • Always cut the aperture in the rubber slightly smaller than the required diameter to ensure a weathertight fit
  • Use a water based lubricant or silicone grease to lubricate the neck of the rubber sleeve of the flexi slate prior to fitting
  • Flexi slates are coated with patination oil when the lead is cut so will not need further coating as the patination oil can damage the rubber
  • Take care not to cut outside of the outer ring or into the wall of the upstand


Base dimensions: 450mm x 450mm, minimum upstand height 150mm

Pipe sizes: Can be cut to suit a range of pipe sizes up to 125mm

Data Sheet: Download Here

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