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Wood & King Roll

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Wood Roll is often used when installing Lead-lined gutters, Lead cladding, flat and pitched roofing applications. Lead Sheets are formed around the wood roll in a cloak design to provide a watertight joint without restricting their movement. Wood Roll and King Roll are manufactured using treated soft wood timber, impregnated with wood preservatives (consisting of fungicides, insecticides and water repellent).

  • Forms an aesthetically pleasing joint on flat or pitched lead roofs and lead cladding.
  • Each length is undercut at the base to help form a joint that will resist wind lift.
  • Wood Roll should be fitted over building paper or standard underlay.

How to use:

  • Wood Roll should be fixed to the substrate using 3” stainless steel screws at 450mm intervals.
  • Fixing a lead joint using wood roll requires a 40mm splash lap. This is to stiffen the free edge and keep it in position.
  • The alternative is to use a copper clip fixed behind the undercloak at 450mm intervals.

Dimensions: Wood Roll -

  • 1200mm lengths x 50mm diameter
  • 2400mm lengths x 50mm diameter (minimum order of 20 lengths)

King Roll -

  • 1200mm lengths x 75mm diameter

Data Sheet: Download Here

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Wood Roll – 1200mm lengths x 50mm diameter, Wood Roll – 2400mm lengths x 50mm diameter, King Roll – 1200mm lengths x 75mm diameter

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